Sage Corp Foundation is a nonprofit organization in formation, committed to providing creative solutions to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. 

At present we have two focuses: 
(1) Develop and provide programs and services to present day seniors.
(2) Focus on the future by addressing the needs of new generations as they approach retirement.

We believe it’s time to take a stand for our elders and place them in living environments that honor and respect their place in society.

Present day care for seniors is at best adequate and very expensive. Only those well off can afford to stay at most facilities leaving many to spend the last days of their lives in state run nursing homes. We need better facilities, more innovative programs to uplift and inspire, and a dedicated, compassionate staff who values service and commitment.

Americans are very concerned about what will happen to them when they grow old.  Will they have enough money, will they be taken care of, will they be left alone?  What’s going to happen when the Baby Boomers and Gen X enter old age?  This is a large group to reckon with, they have different values than their parents; many have worked at numerous jobs and have no pensions, many are single or divorced, many don’t have children – they’re unique with special needs.  It’s time to address these needs with creative solutions.

Sage Corp Foundation is being set up for this purpose. Through services like “Innovative Programs for Seniors” and “Progressive Assisted Living”, Sage Corp seeks to transform the way we treat, care for, and view senior citizens.  The foundation will work both within the present system to provide services and programs that empower seniors and outside the system by creating a new vision for the future.

An important challenge for Sage Corp is finding new, creative ways to raise the money needed to implement these programs and services. Sage Corp Foundation funding needs: (1) Administrative costs including research, development, outreach and fundraising (2) “Innovative Programs for Seniors” (3) “Progressive Assisted Living” facilities (4) New programs and partnerships with other nonprofit organizations.


Gather information including stats on the average age of retirement over the past ten years, number of seniors living in Assisted Living and Nursing Home environments, what activities they most like, and what programs and facilities work the best and why. Also, the cost of facilities, most common health issues, level of participation in activities, marital status, why nursing homes are so poorly run, and so forth.

Poll baby boomers and Generation X on what they want and need in a retirement community. Gather as many statistics as possible.  How has the process of aging changed over the past decade? What makes Baby Boomers & Gen X different than previous generations?

Get stats on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  Research political bills and legislature regarding seniors.  What programs are presently available to seniors, what innovative programs are available and what are the results of these programs.  Research what innovators and visionaries are saying about aging, health, and wellbeing. Spiritual influences.  We need statistics, facts, and vision.

Based on the research of information gathered, the intention is to develop programs, services, and facilities that will enhance the quality of life for seniors today and tomorrow.  The development stage requires the assistance of great minds and thinkers, of people interested in creating a new reality.

Letting people know about Sage Corp.  Enrolling people into the project, letting politicians know, aligning with other organizations, and getting seniors involved.

To raise the money needed to launch and continue the operation of Sage Corp.  Initially what is required is seed money to hire an Administrator.  The Administrator will oversee the process of moving the project forward. Then money will be needed for research and development and then for outreach and fundraising efforts.  


These programs will be developed with today’s senior citizens in mind and will evolve as baby boomers age and Generation Xers turns 65.  The programs will be presented at an individual’s home, senior centers, assisted living facilities, and/or nursing homes.  Our intention is to develop creative, educational programs that will teach, entertain, and assist seniors to be self sufficient and independent. From voice lessons to yoga, from nutritional counseling to exercise programs, from meditation to dancing and celebration, these programs are designed to educate and inspire. A program presently being considered is recording the oral histories of seniors.  


This is a vision for the future.  Progressive Assisted Living is a senior facility designed to meet the needs of the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations.  The physical building can be in the city or country, can be large or small, can be set up around a specific topic or be general interest.  The common thread is the way the facility is run; the sense of community, responsibility and empowerment that are its operating principles.

Each facility will offer something different and unique.  All facilities will have nutritional meal planning with options for a vegetarian diet, holistic practitioners, workshops, meditation, progressive and innovative programs, exercise programs, spiritual practices, uplifting lectures, and other activities that are consistent with a more progressive, open-minded approach. 

Our intention is to have this project on its feet by the year 2030 when then Gen X begins turning 65.  

PAL would be a nonprofit facility and would be run with integrity and compassion, so they’ll be no cutting corners at the expense of a member’s well being. Our hope is that by removing profit making, it will change the dynamic of the environment. 


  • Financial Vision: corporate sponsorships, private donations, government contributions, donating at the workplace, retirement contribution options, and membership fee.
  • Low cost to members so they can afford to live here
  • Members agree to perform “service” at the facility, to assist people less fortunate than themselves, and lend support to the assisted living environment. Service is an important element at PAL.  PAL members are part of a community, and their skills and talents are valued, encouraged, and applauded.
  • Nursing Home wing for members who need more supervision. The nursing home stay is seen as a temporary arrangement and PAL members are encouraged to visit and support the members needing nursing home supervision.
  • Hospice connection – calling hospice into the facility when a member is ready to die. PAL members are encouraged to support this process. A ritual will be created to facilitate this passage.
  • Volunteer Program is an important feature of PAL. PAL will do an extensive outreach to schools and in the community to find volunteers.  The program is set up to value and respect each volunteer and to make their experience educational, fun, and profound.  Volunteers are at the Core of PAL.
  • Residency Program is where people live-in at the facility in exchange for doing service. PAL is committed to providing volunteers, aids and staff members with support, acknowledgment, and personal growth training so that they are truly seen, acknowledged, and supported in their work and in their life.  Will try to get credits at schools for internship work.
  • Recruitment of aides – increase in salary as well as additional benefit of free housing at facility and retirement credits for participating in the program.
  • Service to the community – people donating services for free or for a discounted rate – this would include massage therapists, nutritionists, teachers, performers – contributing at PAL is seen as service and each person receives value for their contribution.

Sage Corp envisions PAL as an environment of service, compassion, healing, and fun.


To encourage and welcome other non-profit organizations to partner with Sage Corp in presenting ideas and programs. To sponsor groups working to enhance the lives of seniors.  To develop programs and services that are wanted and needed by the senior community.


This project will require great courage and focus.  Nobody is going to get rich by participating in it, and it’s not about anyone controlling it, it’s about creating the space for it to happen.  It’s about joining together and taking a stand for our future.  It’s an opportunity to finally treat senior citizens with the kind of respect and dignity they deserve.

Please join Sage Corp by contributing what you can – time, money, resources, creative ideas, solutions, contacts, and prayers.  We welcome it all. Things that need to get done: obtaining nonprofit status, finding an umbrella organization to sponsor Sage Corp, researching statistics, grant writing, brainstorming new ideas and solutions, aligning with other nonprofit organizations, enrolling recognized leaders as board members, sharing Sage Corp with friends, donating money, and fundraising for initial seed money.  It’s long term, one step at a time.

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